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There is something about the way light plays across the surface of a perfectly polished car that makes our hearts flutter. Keeping your car looking that good is work, though. Polishing, waxing and buffing all take time and effort that can become a little tiring.

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What Are Ceramic Pro Coatings?

What if you could have that beautiful finish without all the work? Better yet, what if you could have that finish and add years to the life of your car’s paint too? Wouldn’t that be a dream?

With Ceramic Pro Coatings, from The Auto Loft, that dream can be your reality.

Ceramic Pro is a family of liquid nano-ceramic coatings that don’t just lay on the surface of your car’s finish like wax; they bond with your car, encapsulating it in a ceramic shield. Once cured, they provide a super-hard protective coat that will last for years with minimum maintenance.

Advantages of Ceramic Pro

This is what Ceramic Pro offers:

3x Harder

At a 9h hardness, it is three times harder than your car’s clear coat.


Offers superior hydrophobic properties, making it nearly impossible for tar, sap, brake dust and road grime to stick.

No Waxing

Requires no waxing or polishing; think of it as wash and wear.

Lasts up to 5 years

Lasts up to five years without any special care.

Multi-Level Protection

Protects your car’s paint from UV rays, scratches and scrapes.

Near Total-Car Protection

Protects almost your entire car, from the leather seats to the brake callipers and windows.

Pick Your Level of Protection

The Auto Loft of Toronto offers three levels of Ceramic Pro protection: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Our Bronze treatment is a single layer of Ceramic Pro Light. It enhances the shine, adds UV protection and improves the hydrophobic properties where applied. It is the perfect choice for seats, windows, dashboards and other low-wear areas of your car.


Our Silver and Gold Ceramic Pro Services are made up of layered applications of Ceramic Pro 9h and Light to give you the highest levels of shine and protection possible. It is the perfect finishing touch after our stage one or two paint correction services. It protects that beautiful finish or makes your rims and calibers a breeze to clean on your daily driver you show on weekends.

Want More Information?

For more information on the full line of Ceramic Pro products or any of our other services for auto enthusiasts in the Toronto area, contact The Auto Loft today.