Double Wide

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Perfect for the home and car enthusiast when a simple four post just won’t do. This is the perfect solution to store four cars using only one lift, with less power. They’re safe and easy to use with any 110 or 220 volt power source. Perfect for double garage that has one or two doors.

Available in Grey or Black.

Price includes 12 drip trays, 2 heavy duty Jack tray, ramps, metal wheel blockers. Installed in less than one day.

Serving Southern Ontario, including: Kitchener, Waterloo, Barrie, London, Windsor, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa and more!

Lifting Capacity 10000 pounds
Speed of rise 75 seconds
Top lift height 83”
Clearance, lift 77”
Power 110 volt
Length of runway 180”
Approach ramp length 48”
Column height 92”
Width between runways 37”
Runway width 19”
Width to outside runways 75”
Space between columns 195”
Overall width 212”
Overall Length 194”
Motor adds 11” more