8000 Pound Plus 4 Post Lift

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We realized that the four-post lift was too low for larger vehicles like full-sized SUVs and trucks. So we took the same sturdy design principles and applied them to develop the taller 8000 Pound Plus 4 Post Lift.

With a runway length of 181 inches, spread of 37 inches and head clearance of 77 inches, it is 16 inches longer, and rises 8 inches higher than its little brother. This gives you plenty of room both on the rack and underneath to park a full-sized SUV or truck without feeling cramped.

Lifts available in black. Additional colours available by special order.

Lifting Capacity 8000 pounds
Speed of rise 75 seconds
Power 110 volt
Post to Post 184.5″
Foot to Foot 190.5″
Inside 172.5″
Post to Post 101.0″
Foot to Foot 106.25″
Inside 92.5″
Length 181.0
Width 19.0″
Total Width 75.0″
Space Between: 38″
Top Height 81.0″
Bottom Clearance 77.0″