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Our car scissor lifts are ideal for the body or detail shop. The Pro King is one of the few portable car scissor lifts on the market that extends to its full height without the use of spacers. It utilizes a synchronized dual cylinder system to provide unparalleled stability and balance under load.

Serving Southern Ontario, including: Kitchener, Waterloo, Barrie, London, Windsor, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa and more!

Professionally Installed Toronto Car Scissor Lifts

Through its entire history, Auto Loft has remained dedicated to the ideal of providing the very best car products for the people of Toronto. That is why when we decided to add the Lift King Scissor Lift to our product line.

With 17 safety stops and a maximum height of 57 inches, it is the ideal lift for bringing your car up to eye level. This allowing you to work safely and comfortably under a vehicle.

  • A generous overall length of 90 inches
  • A width of 40 inches
  • A low 5-inch lowered height

The Pro King is the perfect scissor lift for everything from chopped and dropped show cars to full-size trucks.

Keep Your Car In Pristine Condition

If you are in need of a scissor lift for your business or just want one to keep your pride and joy in pristine condition and spotlessly clean from top to bottom, the job will be a lot easier on your back and back pocket with a Pro King Scissor Lift from Autoloft of Toronto.

Whether you need a safe and secure place to store your car, truck or motorcycle, want to expand your parking at home, or are in need of an automotive lift for your business Autoloft has the goods and services to supply your needs. You might say we are just what the mechanic ordered.

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