Car Storage Lifts: Lift King Pro King 14/4

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We are proud to announce that we’re now the Ontario-area supplier of Lift King four-post auto lifts. Our Toronto Car Hoists Services takes us around the GTA and South Eastern Ontario installing secure and safe car hoists in your garage. The Lift King Pro King 8 and XXLs are great Car hoists that can handle most of the cars and trucks on the road today, but let’s be honest, some of us like our toys from the supersize menu. That is where the Pro King 14/4 four-post vehicle hoist comes into play.

Serving Southern Ontario, including: Kitchener, Waterloo, Barrie, London, Windsor, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa and more!

4 Post Car Hoist For Any Car

Built to the same exacting standards as all Lift Kings products, the 14/4 has a 196-inch runway, which is 15 inches longer than the XXL. It’s also 20 inches wider, giving you plenty of clearance for big tires, whether they be mud grips for the field or slicks for the track. What really sets the Pro King 14/4 apart, though, is its massive 14,000 pounds of lifting capacity. That puts it at the top of the market for four-post lifts designed for home and small shops.

Get Canada’s Top Choice in Car Hoists: Pro King

Whether your passion is classic cars, racing, mud bogging or high-performance sports cars, Auto Loft, Toronto’s premier car storage facility, is dedicated to providing you with car storage options perfectly suited to fit your needs and budget. At your home or in our warehouses, we are here to serve you.

Complete Packages

At The Auto Loft of Toronto, we have built our reputation by providing the safest, most secure and reasonably priced auto storage facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. As car lovers ourselves, we understand that no matter how good our services are, you still might be more comfortable keeping your baby under your own wing. We are also Toronto’s premier car storage specialist, we are always striving to make our customers lives as easy as possible. That is why we include a complete package of lift accessories with your purchase. You get: Six drip trays, ramps, caster for moving and a jack tray.

Other 4-Post Options

We also have other four-post car lift models available, including:

  • Pro King 8
  • Pro King XXL

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